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SAP HANA Training Program:

SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an appliance or in the cloud.

At its core, it is an innovative in-memory relational database management system that makes full sense of the capabilities of current hardware to increase application performance, to reduce cost of ownership, and to enable new scenarios and applications that were not possible before.

With SAP HANA, you have the opportunity to build applications that integrate the business logic, control logic, and the database layer with unprecedented performance. As a developer, one of the key questions is how you can minimize data movements.

The more you can do directly on the data in memory next to the CPUs, the better the application will perform.

We at Nova Online Training offers best training program for SAP HANA. Our training programs are specially designed for both individuals and corporate at a most feasible cost. Come join us for better professional career success.

SAP HANA Course curriculum



HANA DB Introduction


  • Data Warehousing Concepts
  • InMemory Computing
  • Evolution of Inmemory
  • HANA DB Phases
  • HANA DB Modules / Editions
  • HANA DB Versions
  • Replication Techniques
  • HANA DB Sizing
  • HANA Information Composer
  • IMCE
  • Role of RDS
  • Architecture
  • Index Server
  • Name Server
  • Statistics Server
  • preprocessor
  • Different Engines in SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Studio
  • Rowbaesd Table Vs Columnar Table
  • Advantages over Columnar Table
  • Persistance Layer
  • Product Availability Matrix
  • SAP HANA Hardware Vendor


Data provisioning


  • What is Triggerbased Replication
  • What is Logbased replication
  • What is Batch Replication
  • SLT
  • DXC
  • Sybase Replication
  • BODS Concepts
  • SLT Based transformation concepts and Advanced  Replication Settings
  • SLT :: extention of table structure and partitioning
  • SLT :: Transformation of Data
  • SLT:: Filtering and selective Data replication
  • DS: Replication from ECC / Flat Files




  • HANA Studio and its perpectives
  • Adding HANA Instance in HANA Studio
  • Creation of Schema in HANA
  • Creation of Tables ( Row and Column)
  • Loading data into the tables
  • Creation of Attribute Views (Standard, Time and Derived )
  • Standard Attribute Views
  • Derived Attribute View
  • Time Attribute Views
  • Generation of time data (Gregorian and Fiscal Calendar data)
  • Creation of Analytic Views
  • Creation of Graphical Calculation  Views (CUBE,  With Star Join )
  • SQL Queries (CREATE, SELECT etc)
  • Creation of Scripted Calculation  Views
  • Creation of Calculated Columns
  • Creation of Restricted Columns
  • Creation of Variables
  • Creation of Input Parameters
  • Creation of procedures
  • Creation of Decision Tables
  • CE Functions
  • Creation of Hierarchies
  • Creation of Delivery Unit
  • Export and Import ( Transportation mechanism )
  • Smart Data Access
  • Virtual Tables
  • HANA Live Concepts
  • What is RDS?
  • New HANA topics if any added



Security & Authorizations


  • Creation of Privileges
  • Creation of Roles
  • Creation of Users
  • Creation of Analytic Previleges
  • Assigning privileges to the Roles
  • Assigning privileges to the  Users
  • Assigning Roles to the Users
  • How to restrict data in HANA information models
  • System Pricileges
  • Package privileges
  • Analytic privileges
  • Package Privileges
  • Application privileges




  • Sample POC on HANA




  • Certification Guidance



SAP BI/BO Course curriculum





  • Relational Connection
  • OLAP Connection




  • Creation of Universe on HANA Models


Business Intelligence

  • SAP Webi Reports 4.0
  • SAP Explorer 4.0
  • SAP Crystal reports 4.0
  • other reports






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